We guard your smile!

Hockey Player - Mobile Mouthguard Clinics

It is important to wear a mouthguard when participating in any sport which poses a risk for injury to the head, face or jaw.   Our custom mouthguards cushion the upper teeth to minimize the risk of broken teeth and injury to the gums, cheeks and tongue.

We never expect or wish injuries to happen – but they do!  Please protect your smile! 

Summary of services

Mobile custom-fit mouthguard service – an impression is taken of your upper teeth and is used to fabricate a mouthguard which fits your teeth snugly.

We work with small or large groups, as well as individual bookings.

We use Pro-form and Smartguard materials.

Mobile Custom Mouthguard Services

Benefits of custom mouthguards

Snug and comfortable fit – hugs the upper teeth and anterior palate area (much like an upper denture it suctions to the palate and teeth), staying in contact with upper teeth when mouth opens, is flexible
Improved speech – able to verbalize without a bulky appliance resting on the lower teeth while talking
Improved air intake improving performance – does not impede air that is entering the airway as it remains on the upper teeth when the mouth opens

*Custom fitted mouthguards seem to help solve the habit of chewing for many children, reducing the need to replace their mouthguard as often.

Mouthguard Care:

  1. If you wear a removeable appliance or retainer, please remove it before participating in any contact sports.
  2. Your mouthguard should be worn at all practices and games
  3. Please examine your mouthguard periodically to check for excessive wear or jagged edges – should you notice either, it is time to replace your mouthguard! Jagged edges may cause tissues damage and may results in an oral infection.
  4. Do not chew your mouthguard – it reduces its effectiveness.
  5. CLEAN YOUR MOUTHGUARD AFTER EVERY USE – toothbrush and toothplaste or in a mild solution of soapy cool water
  6. NEVER LEAVE YOUR MOUTHGUARD IN DIRECT SUNLIGHT OR HIGH TEMPERATURES (car glovebox or car door) – this will distort the material and it will no longer fit properly